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I added a 1+ seat to my 08 TNT 500ss so my girlfriend could come and ride when she's home. The suspension has always been a little soft so now that i added the 2up seat and i have weight even farther down the skid the suspension is bottoming out.

I talk to dealer and they think i should just upgrade the rear torsion spring and crank up the coil on the rear track shock.

I think i should upgrade the torsion and maybe upgrade both track shocks too. Im a fan big fan of fox floats so id probably go with them if i did. They make "zero pro" shocks for the skid but i know a few guys are running a full float set up in the skid. The tunability of the floats is what interests me because i could dial them in for single up and then stiffen them up for the odd 2 up ride. Is going to floats for the skid worth the money? I have them up front already and love them so I'm thinking so...

Anyone else done this?
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