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Attempted riding some not so perfect conditions yesterday... Was a hard ice base, with about 1 inch loose icy snow (more like ice pellets)
Anyway, seemed that whatever it was was NOT flinging into the exchangers, and was NOT lubricating the hyfax. After about 3 miles, the hyfax started to melt, so we said screw it, and turned around. On the way back, on came the temp lights. There was absolutley nothing stuck onto the exchangers at all. I just shut down. Thats it. Figured Id wait it out alittle, and go slowly for the last mile or so back to the truck. Another crew member apparently had his on alittle longer, and it actually boiled right over. Anitfreeze everywhere. We let it get stone cold, and go it back to the truck. Everything seems ok.

Couple questions
1) WHat type of antifreeze do you use to fill it back up?? Also, what ratio if any do you mix it (antifreeze/water)
2) WHat, if any, are the techniques to filling it back up? Is there any purging that needs to take place? Anything special?? ANy bleed screws etc etc etc??

Any help/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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