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I have a 04 440 rev, looking for some help in the clutching department.

I have been using a ton (not alot, a ton) of fuel compared to my last sled 02, 01 440s also.

here is how the sled is set up. i can definetly tell the rpms are way to high at part throttle riding compared to my last sleds. that is where i think i could use the most help to get this.

04 440 setup:

engine: low comp domes, 35 pilots, pump needles at 3, 310 mains
92 octane, 33/1 xps syn

427 ramps
white/white sprink (250-380)
1 long set screw each
clickers on 3

seconday: (team twin trax)

red/blue (i think) stock


set on 48 degree helix

engagement 5500
top 8600

Any ideas guys, i know someone has something that works.

i was thinking of getting a softer secondary spring?

open to ideas or anything, ramps, different primary spring ???


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Yes stock gearing.
Remember though, my motor is a 03 with venting to side panel airbox and I am running the Atacc system from Holztman's and watching my EGT's. The 04 venting is under carbs and has different jetting requirements due to this. You could convert it to side panel airbox by getting the fittings from all the other REVs.

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i am running a straight 48

so are you running a 64/44 dual angle or 64/46

let me know i would like to get a new helix for the weekend to try.

any luck with a 64/48 anyone? thanks for the replys
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