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Hello! I thought I would share my project with you and a few questions I have. The reasons for this build are: It's headed to my remote cabin where it has to be flown in, so that limits my options.... And because I can.... I'm starting with a 2000 Tundra R, modifications will be a 151X15X1.5'' track with B550's sprockets, SC5-U rear suspension out of a 2014 Expedition sport, 250 Tundra gears, rebuild engine, oil injection deleted, Oil tank will be converted to a small reserve fuel tank, 3'' seat raise with under seat storage, 6'' handle bar raise, 6'' tunnel extension, significant front end beef ups... etc.

Possibility's I'd appreciate your input on are:

A more modern secondary clutch? Reason's would be for better shifting and parts availability. I'd also like any clutching recommendations you all have.

TMX 38 Carb and/or tempa flow and/or cold air intake... With the big track I'd like to best performance out of the little motor I can get without sacraficing any reliability.

One of my frustrations with the stock tundra is that when breaking trail in deep snow the engine heats up the cowling, where the air intake is and it's impossible to lean it enough to keep it from bogging down.

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