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2000 summit 600 136"

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Just picked this sled up-wondering if anyone has had issues with it and what they where.....has 1800 miles on it.....anything would be greatly appreciated


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my dad has one,its basically gas and go...very very reliable and fun sled..get an slp sock to put over the air filters on your dash,and ditch those skinny toothpick stock skis,my dad put simmons skis and they are ...well like 1000% better...
he also removed 5 spring coils from the carb due to heavy throttle..
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I got a a 99, was the first year in the ZX chassis. The machine has over 7000 very hard kms on it and is still running great. It doesn't get used all the time anymore, but it is still the most dependable sled I have seen. I rebuilt it at 7000km and it was not too bad. The original skis were garbage, I have precisions on it now, and they are not too bad, cept in certain conditions. Overall, not the greatest for performance, but it will still go alot of places and be very reliable.

Take a coat hanger and dig down into the gas tank, and pull up the FUEL PICK-UP..........make sure the filter is still attached to the end of it.........

they had a habit of falling off back in that vintage.........if it falls off, it can suck crap up and plug the fuel pump and cause all kinds of problems that are hard to track down

(from experiance)
I had a 2000 600 summit. Bullet Proof for sure. my wife's first sled ever she totaled it twice (once a bulk head and once a tunnel) and the motor never gave me an ounce of troubles.
My 2000 summit 700 was in a word - awesome (only a 136, mind you.) I did many things to it, but outside of skis (simmons) and air socks, the rest was almost all optional. I also cut my coils out of the mikes. Pull the stab bar - I liked mine better without. My riding buds still talk about that sled - in hindsight - one very reliable, pull the rope, strong performance sled. The 6 is just as good, with abit less track lug and pull.
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