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Hi All,

My son's 2000 MXZ 500 bogs down at about 50 mph. I don't know what is causing this and would like some advice. When first started, it runs perfect for the first minute or so and goes well past 50 mph...then it bogs down like it's only running on one cylinder or something. This happened infrequently for a while and is now happening regularly and seems to be happening at lower speeds occasionally now too.

I've done the following:

- cleaned the exhaust valves.

- attempted to check the fuel filter and learned there isn't one!

- disassembled and re-assembled the fuel pump.

- changed plugs

- checked spark though this isn't really possible at 50 mph only at idle speed which exhibits no issue.

I have noticed that the kill switch does not always seat right. The sled will start but won't go anywhere when this happens. By messing with the switch or a little WD40 in the kill switch I cna get it to run right (at least until 50 mph). Do you think these problems are related?

I'm not a mechanic, but can figure things out. Any ideas you have will be much appreciated. I've seen a couple similar problems on here without any clear resolution. If I find a resolution I will post a detailed explanation of what went wrong so others can use it. What do I look for?

Thanks for your help!
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