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1999 MXZ 500

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I'm looking to buy a used sled this year. It will be my first sled but I've rode sleds as long as I can remember.
I came across a 1999 MXZ 500 L/C. It is in mint condition with 13000 km.
I'm wondering if this is a good sled and if these sleds were known for any problems?

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umm haven't herad anything overly bad with them but it is getting up there in km's.good sled though.
great sled.
there are some recalls on it.
1. carb parts (needles, main jets)
2. rave springs
3. oil pump recall/replacement

and there are some inlet filters in the carbs that are supposed to be removed after the first 10hrs of riding. (when it was brand new)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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