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1997 mxz 440lc aftermarket pipe

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i was wondering if any one new if they made a aftermarket exhaust system for a 1997 mxz 440lc and how much horsepower gain u get and how much they cost!!
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I'm not sure of companys that make them for your model but for a pipe gain is usually 3-6. And for a can its usually a loss of 1 Hp apparently.
I don't recall anyone who makes a pipe for the 440... You'll gain little to nothing HP wise from a pipe and/or can anyways, unless your jetting is absolutely perfect. You're better off keeping the stocker and looking into a nice clutch setup to get some more acceleration. After that, you can look into gearing, porting, head work, etc. to find some extra ponies.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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