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Happy Thanksgiving,

A friend of mine gave me his 2002 mxz 800 after he took everything off it he needed.
I really need a new track on my 97 583 grand touring. The donor sled has a pretty decent non studded 1 1/4" track and the skid has rebuildable hpg shocks with rail extensions to make it a 136".

I was told by a few people on here the 1 1/4" track will fit but when looking at the old one before I removed it the track lugs looked like they were close to the tunnel protectors.
I'm not sure if the 1 1/4" lugs will fit with the tunnel protectors there.
I thought I read that you can remove them if not running studs or is that asking for trouble on the heat exchangers?
I was thinking about fitting the skid from the mxz into the grand touring to have rebuildable shocks. The geometry between the 2 skids looks very different which makes me think if I want to do a skid swap I should get a grand touring skid with rebuildable shocks.
Has anyone done something similar (mxz skid in grand touring)with good results?
If I had rebuildable shocks in my original sc10-1 I'd keep it in there but I can't even find replacement shocks for it.
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