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1994 Yamaha Vmax 600

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I know this is a Skidoo thread but I'm hoping you could give me some advice on this. He wants 1500 for it, has ownership, snd I've attached a photos of all the modifications he's added. Good choice? Thanks

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Its probably a better sled than the other one you were looking at. Honestly those old Vmax’s are pretty reliable machines. Primary clutch is week point. The exhaust will be a problem if you want to trail ride. It is heavy, but most are. Not sure why people think there will be a parts problem, they made lots of these, still lots around for sale. I wouldn’t worry about that part of it more than any other sled.

If you want a trail sled though, you would be better to put together a bit more money and get something newer. Just getting into the late 90s/early 2000s will get you a much more advanced sled.

Honestly, similar to the other you looked at, I don’t really like the way the add is written, makes me think its a young guy selling it, and overselling just a bit. Removed estart and reverse to save weight? Thats a bad move if its even true. Everything tuned for extra power blah blah, he’s aiming right at the young guy buying his first sled lol. It may be fine regardless.
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