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1991 Mach 1 617

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Well I finally took the time to tear down my buddy's motor and found what I had expected all along, the crankshaft bearing on the clutch side is siezed. So what's my next step now? Is the bearing something I can change or should I just take the crank to the dealer and have them do it? If so, any idea how much it would cost?
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What happened was the belt was rubbing on the speedo cable, the belt shredded and wrapped itself around the crankshaft behind the clutch and destroyed the crank seal. The rotary valve and surface are fine, all other bearings spin freely.
cut the old bearing off with a dremel tool and then put the new bearing in some oil heated to 100 degrees C and it will slide right on the crank, you won't need any special tools.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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