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i have a '81 citation 4500 in mint condition except for the belly pan, id like to have a vintage but im haveing some problems.

we bought this sled just before xmas and it ran fine but then it started to get a little harder to run had to really get it warmed-up like lift the track and screem it for 'bout 2 min to keep it running then it would be fine. but it got worse so i turned up the idle mix screw on the carb a bit and it did fine for a day then crapped out again so then i took apart the carb and cleaned it up good with amsoilpower foam and put it back in the sled adjusted it and got it it going perfect,really nice thought it was fixed but then it craped out and sounded like it was back fireing so......... more adjusting but never got it back to a good spot
. well now it has no lowend power and wont take off with someone on it i thought it was only running on one cyl. so i have put new plugs in and cleaned the piston heads but it just wont idle right. is this just 'cause i screwed with the carb or what?
right now i can start it but cant ride when its running, it kinnda like couhgs (not really a backfire) and puffs out orange? brown? smoke

is this something thats ez to fix or to have fixed without spending to much??

thanks for reading and for any ideas.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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