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theblizzard said:
superjuice said:
after looking at this blizzard, rather than fixing the oil injection, for now, I am wondering if anybosy, has ever removed the injection pump, and used a mix instead...... The lines run to the intakes anyways, so I don't see why I cann't simply remove the pump for now, and run a mix....

if so, what ratio??? 50-1, 40-1??????

that would be the best thing to do anyway. all my machines i ripped out the oil injection and mix the mix and gas 50:1,
My motoski ultrasonic (same as blizzard 9500), I run 40:1. No problems. If I do high speed lake running, high rpms for extended time, I run 30:1. Never problems. I don't trust the older sled injection systems after they get old...
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