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Hello everybody, so I've been having a hard time finding the repair manual for my new acquisition, a 1980 skidoo Alpine with a mikuni Carburetor. the last owner didn't know anything about it but he said the transmission wasn't the original one.
on this tank's shifter lever it's indicated 2-1-N-R. Through testing of the machine and adjustments of the lever, I conclude that the transmission as a Forward, Neutral and Reverse. No second speed.

I'm wondering if anybody can identifie from whence this one has come. the numbers on the starboard side of the transmission are 410 245/78 (made in austria) in case the picture is too fuzzy.

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feel free to speak any information on the original transmission is appreciated and why it might have been replaced, was it prone to breakage? I'm curious as I eventually want to build from scratch my own tracked vehicle.

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