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136 extension

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I want to put a 136x 15x1.75 or 2" paddle track. can i just get rail extensions with big wheels, will that work?
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[quote name='aksledder' date='Sep 30 2006, 04:04 PM']
I want to put a 136x 15x1.75 or 2" paddle track. can i just get rail extensions with big wheels, will that work?
I want to do it on my a 06 race chasis with an 800ho.
I have an 03 440 chassis and had a 136 tunnel extension made and bought 136 rail extensions from Wildchild on Snowest. Even with 8" wheels you will still need a tunnel extension.
can i clear a 2 inch paddle track on the race chassis?
yea I think it will clear. I have an 05 that I am putting a 136xx1.75x16 and it I think it will rub on the sides but before that I had a studded 1.75 track so I think it would have had about 2" studs and it cleared ok. It did nick the front heat exchanger and a little bit into the tunnel but that was probably from running the track a little loose. Let me know what you get for a tunnel ext. cause I have to come up with one, trackusa does not sell one for the race chassis but I have not looked around anywhere else to find one.
You can run a 136x15x2" like I am without any problems, and I'm using 9" rear wheels too. From what I've heard, a 16" wide track is too tight because of the added running board braces that go inside the tunnel. I got a Doo hillcross tunnel extension and rail extensions custom made to offset my stock axle to run the 9" wheels from WildChild on
I measured the upper rear swing arm at 16.5", but I think after all the riveting and bracing it might be 16.25" where the track spins and I am pretty sure it will rub but I am hoping not that bad. Do you know anybody that had run a 16" wide? I guess I will know after I get the rails and spin it and if it is too tight I'll run that 2"x15" track like the one you got.
16" is too wide. i had a renegade with a 16 x 136
im going to get a 01 440, would i be fine with a 136", i would be able to do all the same jumps and stuff with no worries right?, and where could i pick the extension up, at royal?
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