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I started testing the clutching on the 06 mach no other mods . I wanted to get a good base line. Stock clucthing 660 foot 96 mph no spining on the gun was the best pass. Then I add 16.7 pins 410 ramps stock spring 230-350 best 660 foot pass
was 98 mph with new clutching. This was done on the same day.
Now this is where i made problems for myself by changing more then one thing
at a time. Next i put the the mod pipe i got from bikeman on and also changed the spring to a 230 410 red so i could come down on the clickers. Now the sled ran
95 in 660 so i tryed it in 1000 foot it went 105 mph so i was thinking this was not to bad but the pipe must not work. so the next day we had a radar run so i changed
the pipe back to the stock one and went to the radar run the sled felt flat and
went 100 mph in 1000 foot. So the next day i went back to my test track.
and the sled ran 90 mph in 660 and 100 mph in 1000 foot. Now im thinking whats
wrong with this sled. then i thought could it be the spring . then i changed back to
the stock spring 230 350 the first 660 pass she was back 98 mph then 1000 foot
106 mph made two more passes same thing. now changing nothing but the pipe.
I went and put the mod pipe on and now 660 100 mph and 1000 foot 108.
so what im saying is be careful of to much spring. And the mod pipe works great.

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Thats good to hear, My Bud and I sent one pipe to bikeman so we could test to see if it works but because of the chity winter have not been able to test yet.
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