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06 600 mod sled

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i curently have a 2006 600 open mod and i am trail converting it. I have a couple questions. First this sled has the doo upgrade kit in it with involves porting, thinner base gasket and 2 metal spacers between y pipe and cylinders. Will this affect me if i trail convert it and leave the tinner base gasket if so what size should i get. Second What is the part number in the mod catalog for a head gasket since i am putting a cudney head in it. Third What is good oil to use and a good ratio for mixing. Thanks guys any help would be awsome and all comments are appreciated.

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The Doo upgrade wasn't porting persay. They installed a thicker base gasket to raise port timing, they used a new head insert which protruded into the cylinder to regain compression. Then lengthened the pipe by spacing it out to lower the rpm a bit. You can use the pump gas head on it as is. You will be safe running it like that. You could put a thinner gasket in to gain a bit more compression if it is too low.
There isn't a head gasket as there is 2 O-rings to seal the combustion chamber and water jacket.
Run any well know injector oil. I use Amsoil Interceptor @ 40:1 in my snocross trail mod sled.
alright thanks alot but they said that it has been ported new domes put in it and a thinner base jakset but ither way it will be fine right?? what is the part number i need for the o rings to seal the head to the cylinders thanks and how much compression should it have it has 350 km's on it thanks
Someone else would have ported it then. I have installed a few of the "Doo" upgrades" and that's what they are. .8mm gasket, new heads and exhaust spacers. But that doesn't matter. Bolt on the new head and measure the squish. If it is less than 1 mm you need a thicker base gasket.
You shouldn't need to change the o-rings in there unless there was something wrong with the engine. Like head wasn't torqued down and burnt the old o-rings , or detonation occured and burnt o-rings. Best thing to do is pull it apart and inspect. You don't need to change for the sake of changing them.
ho do i measure the squish?
Take a peice of solder, bend it at about 1.5", the stick it in the spark plug hole so it touches the side of the cylinder parralelll with the wrist pin. Then turn the engine over so it "squishes" the solder. Use a digital caliper to measure how thick the solder is at the end. You can't have less than 1mm.
Easy as pie.
lol i dont have a digital calipar. So i would stick in in between the piston and the cylinder?? would that scracth it?
No it goes in between the cylinder and head against the cylinder. It will not scratch it. The solder is soft.
o ok i get it now thanks alot shouldi do this with my high comp cylinder of when i get the cundey head?
It is only going to matter on which head you are running. So just doo the Cudney head. Also if you Are in Canada, we also build new inserts for the 600 mod to run pump fuel. We will sell to the states as well.
Have fun!!!!
yes i live in timmins ontario about 10 hrs from you how much u sell ur insterts for?? thanks alot chad
ore-gone said:
is that 50/50 or 95/5 solder?
go with 50/50 its cheaper, or if you need some I have a 10 KG roll in my truck of 95/5
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