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I use paypal- If interested in anything please PM me, pics to come ASAP

2006 high comp domes $75.00

2006 race gas needles $40.00 shipped

260 mains

Stock powerjets

Black Ski-doo Factory Bar Pad- $20.00 shipped

35 straight 1.875" Power Point studs, PLUS 8 slightly bent, 8 really bent maybe still usable, and 8 that have stripped aluminum on the top that may be able to be tapped off. $70

42 double power plate backers- $45.00

38 tall aluminum nuts- old style, "non nylon locking nut"-$15.00

I would prefer to sell all of the studs and stud accessories as a package deal for $100.00 shipped. may be willing to seperate.

ZX parts

From 2002 mxzx 440 racer

Stock Throttle cable $25.00 shipped

Brake cable without mounting bolts $15.00 shipped

03 mxzx 440

Shorty rear cooler


958 Posts
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As the title states i have all the parts needed to convert your 440 back to race, you just need to provide primary pin weights, and the pipe probe if you choose to run power jets. looking to get $130.00 shipped for everything. I use paypal

Parts to be included in package

-260 main jets, cross country powerjet setup good from 0-50 degrees f

-20 pilots

-stock 140 powerjets for 108+ fuel

-06 race needles

-pipe preheat button

-06 high comp domes

PM me if interested, id rather be pm'ed then read comments on this post. Thanks

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