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- X model; major performance improvement with upgraded shocks and braking system.
- All 06 updates (don't be fooled.. most haven't).
- Excellent condition
- 2400km (mostly guiding tours, no abusive riding).
- Warranty until Jan 07.
- 9" Billet rear 2 wheel kit + Freedom axle (not cheaper relocation axle); noticable side-hilling improvement, less snow weight in track (yet better slider lubing), snappier throttle (w/ looser track), and decreased "on snow" track length (from 162" to 157", approx.), $600.
- Fly bar and riser upgrade (gained 2", much better for anyone over 5'8"), $300.
- Gamma can (+5hp, -10lbs), $350.
- Cover, $300.
- Goldfinger left side throttle (really nice in side-hill situations), $150.
- Skid plate, $150.
- Geared down 2 teeth (big performance gain, easier on belts), $100.
- 20lb. weight loss (removed rear heat exchange and sway-bar, which also improved handling/manuverability), $100.
- New sliders and ski rods.
- over $18,500 invested since purchase 1 year ago, $11,000obo Canadian (no tax) for quick sale.
- Includes $275 Bell MX helmet (have 3 size, all new).

Currently dealers are offering new X models for as low as $10,500.. but with taxes and shipping.. it's around $12,000+ out the door. If you were to test a stocker, vs. my sled, you would want the same parts/mods. So that would be an additional $2000+. Is it worth it to spend an extra $3000+ to have zero miles, vs. 2400km, with same warranty??

Must ride over stock unit.. BIG improvement in handling and performance. Starting new business venture immediately, no time for sledding, and could use the $$. To be honest.. I thought these sleds were kind of big and hard to handle at first, but since mods, it's a whole different sled. No doubt it's heavier feeling than a REV 800.. but no where near as heavy feeling as a RX1 or Apex! If anyone believes a RX1 or Apex (non-turbo, sub $20k sled) can keep up with a Summit 1000 in deep powder, let me send you a video file.. the 4 strokes look like WWI bi-planes, vs. my Summit F16.. and I won't even bring up an RMK or AC! Could possibly lower price with some parts removed, but you will want them. Todd @ 604-935-9484, can deliver.


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