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Where to begin??

I have an 05 Renegade 600 HO non-X. I weigh 220lbs. I have had a problem with handling since I purchased. Stock set up was rear shock on 2 (I think), front shock on 1 (I think) and front suspension on #1. Originally I would bottom out over easy bumps and had easy but non-effective steering ( it was easy to steer but had major understeer. So, my mechanics told me to set the rear shock to #3 and the front rear shock to #3 and set my front suspension to #2. Now, it handles the bumps well (no bottoming out) but it feels heavy in the front end now and the sled feels top heavy (feels like it wants to roll over around corners, physicall hard to steer). SO! How have you fellow large people set up your Gade's for proper handling????

Please help.


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