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skidoo925 said:
I have an 05 Z w/ all the updates , 05 mapping , CS twin pipes , domes , boondocker control box , clutching , 1 1/4 rip saw w/ 192 carbide studs and i had a chance to run it on the ice this weekend. When the sled hooked up it would rip your arms off up until 80 mph and then it would take for ever to climb to 100 mph and my best speed all weekend was 112mph. If an f7 , fusion 900 or a rev 800 got out in front I could not pass them in 1500 ft. My RPM's are at 8000 and my Egt's are reading 1050 at WOT. With the work i have done I should be killing these guys. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
I would try adding a little more fuel to it on top. I have the pipe and domes
but I have the tfi box on mine. runs 113 to 114 in a 1000 foot every pass on the gun.
Also what spring and ramp are you using. that can make a big difference.
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