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As in a previous post regarding problems with our 05 Mach Z scondary clutches coming apart I would like to make everyone aware of the quick and fantastic services from Ingle's Performance in Phoenix, NY. Mike Ingle's and his staff took in our 05 Mach Z's the very next morning after a 3 hour ride. Turned the sleds around in the a.m. so that we could have them for this weekend, if there is any riding left. Great service - very accomodating.

1 of the clutches blew the rivets and buttons out they will get that one looked at their own dealer.
The 2nd clutch broke apart into 2 pieces
The 3rd clutch looked like it had 4 small cracks or fissures along the outside of the sheave. After cleaning and using a magnifying glass it appears that these are small casting lines in the sheave.

New clutches were ordered.

1 05 Mach Z had the original 05 mapping loaded back in.
My 05 Mach Z had the 06-1/2 update loaded in so now we can compare the 2 hopefully Sunday.

Thanks Mike and your entire staff at Ingle's Performance. Good Luck at the New Hampshire races
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