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04 ski doo 800 x speedometer

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I went with a cousin of mine to look at a sled for sale nearby and the thing is in great condition. I mean it could pass for new. The only problem is that when we went to start it up we saw a issue with the speedometer. it starts right up, the guages go all the way up but the speedometer needle stays up at 136 and it shows on the digital part and the 136 is blinking. Does any one know what could be wrong with it? Im not sure if its a code or if the speedo is messed up.The guy said he never saw it do that before. If anyone has a owners manual and could look it up it would really help thanks!!
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I haven't heard of this happening one easy thing to do would be to reach behind the secondary and unplug the connector to the speedo sensor and see if the speedo drops back to zero might be a bad sensor, Does the sled beep at all?? I don't know if a relay could cause this or not I would also put it up on a stand and engage the clutches let the track spin a bit and see if it goes away. on the older sleds when the speedo started acting up you knew it was time to replace the bearings on the drive shaft.
Sorry guys.. I had not been on the site for a while and made a rookie mistake. I did not do a search before posting. Thanks for the replies i got though.. again sorry for the douple, triple, etc. postining!
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