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Hey guys, so Im looking to get my first sled (moved to NH last year). Not really picky about which brand since its my first one anyway. I posted my 08 Raptor 700R up on craigslist and got someone offering to trade for the following:

"the rev is an 04 with 3200mi.. elec start reverse. has been conveted to a renegade using the skid out of a 07 renegade x. that sc4 skid is a huge upgrade to the sc3 that the 04 05 revs come with. the track is 136x16x1.25 paddle style not ripsaw studded in the middle. 10t extro drivers off the same 07. dropped gearing to accomadate the longer track. tracks usa tunnel extension. rsi riser and bars. cyberdyne coolant temp and air temp guage. boyessen rad valves, sno stuff can, thunder powerjets. motor was gone through last year and installed mcb dual ring pistons(they had problems with the single ring stock pistons) and all new gaskets seals and bearings, about 400mi on it. i know im forgeting a bunch of stuff but its a really solid fast sled. no problems at all, maintenece has always been done, chaincase fluid done every 500mi, i only run full syn skidoo oil and 93oct gas."

Anyway Im not sure what half that stuff is...but does that sound like a decent setup? 3200 miles on a 2 stroke kind of scares me, but are these sleds known to be reliable to pretty high mileage?

I plan to do a lot of real long distance trail rides, I have 2 buddies with newer Yamahas so I just want to be able to ride with them comfortably and not worry about breakdowns. Think this sounds like a decent ride?
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