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05 has changes to....

Pistons, rings and cylinders
The problem with powder filling the boots seems to have been fixed...??
Flying nun reinforced ..???

I can't confirm any of these just things I've heard along the way!!

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I have had both . You don't want a 2004 sdi.
The following are the improvements:
Gauges don't fog
Fuel pump and pick-up diferent- nofuel starvation
structrual reinforcments
better engine ECU
track -lugs reinforced-pattern- this puts the power down better

Mechanical gas guage still does not work , electric does work.

In summery the 2005 has SDI has been massaged and problems minamized hoowever some people still foul plugs , mine does not. Stay away from the 2004 SDI . If you have to get a 2004 sled ,buy a 500ss it will be a safe bet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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