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04 800 adreneline

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I saw an 04 800 adreneline 4800 miles, says no track damage other than 3 studs pulled out, heat exchanger has been welded, it's got x-shocks and braces. Haven't looked at it too close yet. What would you guys say would be a good price and what would an average price be?
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"says no track damage other than 3 studs pulled out"

in other words there IS track damage...

remember studs put a HUGE strain on the whole drive train so a sled with 4800 studded miles is equivalent to a non-studded sled with MANY more...

I say 3K$ tops! just from your post, it sounds like it was ridden very hard...

lots of deals in the next couple of months... take your time (I know its easier said then done when you are excited!)
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I'm not actually looking right now. But I'm selling my Harley, my lt250r, and my z400 so I figured what the hell. Maybe the wife won't notice it
The guy wants $3500 for it.

Do these heat exchangers generally last when welded?
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