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03 Summit Highmark 800ho, 151, RER, blue

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I just picked up the sled a few days ago and now need to tear into it to get it all cleaned up and ready for the season.

I need to check the clutches and find a good setup for the flatlands (1300ft) and the Black Hillls (5500-6900) and the mountains where evere we go (8500-11000). I am 6'2 and 285lb and then another 20lb or so in gear. The gearing needs to be adressed as well for my size. What do you guys like for setups. I have been in contact with BJ and will probably get a kit for all conditions once I find out what I have stock.

Its a 151 so I imagine I will need to find some ice scratchers as well.

The stock can is huge on that thing, where can I grab a slightly used HPS or similar to drop some weight, (and dont say the swap meet, already been through it)?

Can you jet down one or two sizes to squeeze a little more out of it or is the DPM keep it right on.

I need to tear into the riser setup and get it jacked up, but I may have parts already from another doo, what are other guys this size using, I would imagine that I will end up with atleast 4-8 inches depending on what feels comfortable.

Other than clutching, gears, risers, and can what else is worth spending money on. I think skis and other lightweight stuff may have to wait till next year.

I washed it and backed it into the garage and wow I love the RER, its the best thing for a sled since nitrous.
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Check with Turboal on Snowest about a Thing can, Check with Big John about clutching and gearing. Hope to see you in the hills.
Hopefully tongiht I can get some pics up.
Here are some pics.

Are there many people int this forum with this sled or might I get more traffic in the rev mountian forum since all those guys had to of rode one at one time?


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I am thinking about painting all the grilles yellow so that is really sticks out.


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I am thinking about painting all the grilles yellow so that is really sticks out.
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I would definetely gear down. I have an 03 800 HM 151 and I geared down. Made a world of difference. It helped the clutches from heating up and was able to pull a lot longer climbs without losing the RPMs. I am pretty sure a went from an 18/44 to a 19/44 ratio. It doesn't seem like much but it does help. It does depend on the riding, I am from Montana and it is usually up and down with plenty of powder. I am not an expert but I would check around and consider it.

Oh ya. You gotta paint the vent screens, it makes it look ten times better.
I need to get into the gear case and check whats in there and check the rings and reeds for the usual problems, I plan on a clutch kit and trail tourqer kit from bj and some riser ( I am almost 6'3") and then eventually I want some nitrous.
Does some one have a good clutch setup so that I can get started off right and then get the kit I need from BJ or Joe
ok, here we go. perfect sled by the least it could be.
- taller riser: buy a throttle extention $10, a brake line off of a rev $40, a 3" riser, and the bars off of an adrenaline rev, then extend your wires about 6" and you got yourself about a 7 1\2" riser... ill post pics soon
- screens.....see pic
- drop one tooth on the top gear
- DEFINATELY get nitrous... i love my holtzman kit... see avatar <--
and go from there


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I got the exhaust valves out but couldnt get good pics in the dark, but there is very little pitting. I need to find a friend with a compresion gauge to test it. I also took the carb boots off and there was also of white powder on the carb and the boot where the carb sits in the boot, I imagine thats just corrosion and once its cleaned one could put some grease on there to stop the corrosion. There was one little spot of delamination on the boot but its not too bad yet. I was not looking foward to the reeds and rings but they will have to get done sometime this year depending on the compression check.

snowest link with pictures
Does anyone have experience with using some type of grease to stop the corrision on the carb boots.
When I put it all back together yesterday I was scraping this white crud off the carb where it sets in the boot thinking to could have taken these off to clean them and leave them like this. What is all the white crud from, old gas or what. I also put some new plugs in, why are they the $8 one br9ecs i think, will a br9es work because I have used them before in about everything. The end of the plug looks a little different but I am not sure why.
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