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03 renegade problems

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i have a 03 reoegade 800 with 7000 miles. i have a few problems i hope someone can help me with, first in deep snow under full throtle i get a bang or clunk, or knock noise when reaching higher speeds.second when sled is idling there is a knocking noise comming from the clutch side of the sled.third the oil light on the dash goes on and off while driving(yes there is oil in the resivor)and finally the the disc for the brake has a lot of play on the shaft ,also the brake light on the dash sometimes does not come on when using the brake. Any help or comments to any of these problems would be great.Just to let u know the sled still goes like hell and hasen't broken down on me yet.
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- The clunk you hear is probably the track ratcheting on the drivers...>>>Tighten your track.
- Knocking from clutch is probably either worn buttons in the primary or bushings that are getting worn....>>>rebuild clutch
- Oil light...>>>Never seen this one. Check location of sensor in tank.
- Brake light...>>>check/replace switch for brake light or maybe indicator light.
- Disc Brake...>>>they all have some slop in them. I wouldn't worry about it, or you could compare to another sled.

Jerry C.
thanks for the input on my problems
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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