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I was riding in Canada and after 80 miles of hammering it pretty hard, the
sled was sputtering. The best way to describe it is to compare it to the
fuel stumble at 4500 - 5000 RPM. It felt like that - only it did it at 6000, then
6500 RPMs, then it quit. It started as just missing a spark once in a while
and then just shut totally down. This was over a stretch of about 2 miles. It wasn't
fuel related as I was playing with the choke during this. It was electrical.
I thought it might be the plugs, but after changing them, there was no
spark. Even tried another set, but no spark. So I thought it was either
the stator or coil.

We towed it the last 12 miles and the sled was covered with snow and
it cooled it down. Well low and behold, it started right up again and ran
fine the rest of that day. I didn't hammer it home and ran it around
6000 - 6500 RPMs.

So is this the symptom of a bad or intermittent stator?
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