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03 440 clutch set-up

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Picked up an 03 440 over the summer. Clutching is way off. when you pin it out of the hole it tachs out about 7,900 then slowly climbs to 8,400 - 8,500 tops. Then if you let off the throttle and get back on it, it will bog for a while then pull out of it. Plugs look good, running H/C heads on 92 octane.
Just womndering what some of you are running for clutch set-ups on the trails. This has the roller secondary, not the team............Thanks
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Sounds like the jetting isn't right to me. Mine did that too when it was running really rich.
Mine was doing th same thing. Part of it was jetting but a big part was clutching. Search for clutch setups in the postings. There have been many and they have good info. Personally I put a TEAM secondary on so my setup will be different than yours. Good Luck!
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