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The sled is Perfect. Looks just like it came out of the crate. It only has about 4-6 hours on it. It was a back up sled in 02. Raced the revs since. For the race track this isnt probably what you want.... For trail....I really like the way the seat feels and the shocks feel. It has a 5 inch riser (stock) Curved bars (just like all the other race sleds now. Very comfortable and light feel sled on trail. I have had a race sled ever year since 98. This is by FAR the best ZX sled Skidoo built.
155 compression (PTO and MAG)
GP clutch kit
10 gallon tank
91/100/108 timing switch
96 studboy studs
1.5 inch lug track
large piggy-backs on front
remote res. on centers
This sled is set-up great for trails
Jetted and clutched for trail use, I know its not a rev but If you are looking for a sweet trail sled this is it. The shocks are a little softer than the factory valveing than the 03 and up revs. Will not find a nicer or cleaner one (unless it still crated) $2900 email me if interested [email protected]
I have a lot of spare parts avail.
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