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02 800 want fast and reliable???

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Ive got a 2002 mxz 800, 2300mi. Just wonderin what kind of updates i should do to this sled, have never had anything done to it??? other than a can, and a heel clicker clutch kit i just received dont even have it in yet.. My buddy has an f-7 man there fast really want to beet that???any help??
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any help would be great a sno stuff can what does this do for performance, sure is loud..
you are in the wrong forum probably have better luck in the proper one the does nothign but loose you a few pounds and usually 1 hp. Oh an d they make alot of noise would have been better to spend the moeny on a pipe. Reason you may get more help in the other forum is that here the 800 HO and Ptek in the rev are diff motors than you have.
RK TEK drop in piston and head combo. This will add great power and cure the heat soaking issue that a pipe will not do!
yup its called a yamaha but you aren't goona beat anybody in the trails with it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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