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tug hill
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  1. New York
    OK, so now we get some SNOW, gotta find some time to get off. "Heck or high Snow", i'm going!
  2. General Discussion
    by the look of the police reports ,and crashes ,must be the same jack wagons that don't think of others when on sleds .over 4000 entries .only takes a few to wreck it for everyone . :angry:
  3. Sledding - General Discussion
    I predicted this last week in a couple of posts and as I am drinking my coffee this morning I am reading how my predictions were more accurate than the weather forecast..... As most of you know Tug Hill got 1 - 3' of lake effect over the weekend and before the storm hit, the local clubs warned...
  4. General Discussion
    eh, just for kicks haha what do ya think?
  5. New York
    Started spitting snow here midmorning and by 1 pm the lake effect machine was in full force! We have gotten about 6 inches since 1ish and it continues to come down hard. Haven't been able to see my shop most of the day and it's only about 150 feet from my house! Hope to have a long New Years...
  6. Sleds For Sale
    for sale is my 2011 e-tech 600. It has 660 has been extended to 137 using tracks USA RAIL extensions, and a 1.75 ripsaw track. Has summit handlebar riser and Ski Doo mits. I have also change the wheels to white ski doo. Comes with stock track also. Email [email protected] or text 570...
  7. Sledding - General Discussion
    Live In York, Pa. Age 40 and looking for someone who likes to ride. Most of buddies have sold sleds but I don't want to give up on snowmobiling. Love to ride North/Central PA trails and up in Tug Hill. Like riding about 150 - 200 miles a day. Like to ride earyl before trails get tore up...
1-7 of 7 Results