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  1. Video Forum
    A short edit from last week in Jorm, awesome conditions!
  2. Video Forum
    The snow here in Sweden is really lacking but we managed to find some in Hemavan to start breaking in the new 154" T3's. Episode 1 from the first 4 days directly after christmas: Episode 2 from the 4 days after new years:
  3. Video Forum
    Our full season edit is now released! It's our first attempt at a "full length" movie (about 21 minutes long) and it depicts our backcountry freeriding season of 2014/2015 here in Sweden. Enjoy! :) BRP only ;)
  4. Video Forum
    New Sleddiary from last weekend in Hemavan, Sweden. We didn't film nearly enough but got some material at least for a short video :)
  5. Video Forum
    New Slediary from the riding last weekend in the backcountry of Drevdagen, Dalarna, Sweden. :)
  6. Video Forum
    The weather in Februari here in Sweden has been a nightmare! Rain and warm temperatures basically destroyed the snow pack. This created very poor conditions and we where forced to search for riding in other areas than normal. No reason not to try and have fun and make a video of it though... :)
  7. Video Forum
    My latest SleDiary features riding and dropping in Jorm, Sweden.
  8. Video Forum
    We've been waiting for some decent conditions here in Sweden and finally we found some in Jorm! Here's a short video from us riding from the 25'th to 29'th of December 2014. Crazy conditions for this time of year!
  9. Video Forum
    This year I decided to try my luck and enter the Sledfilm amateur context and here's my entry. All material is from previous videos of the 2013/2014 season. It has just been re-edited in to a new video which satisfies the rules and restrictions of the contest. Now all there's to do is to keep my...
  10. Video Forum
    I'm finally done with this seasons video! Or done...I didn't have the patience to do more :). Basically it's backcountry snowmobiling from our trips around Sweden last season. Last year I got some flak regarding the "season video" being too short so here's my attempt of making it somewhat...
  11. Video Forum
    So, my season is over and now begins the long wait for the next one (that will be spent on a black T3 163"). The only way to soothe my bad mood is to start editing this years video for the season. Today I released the intro to that video that also serves as a trailer for the full video...
  12. Video Forum
    A quick edit from last weekend here in mid-west Sweden. The truly awesome snow conditions are gone after some warm weather and we are left with what can only be described as spring conditions. Found some nice terrain though that made for some nice climbs and side hilling.
  13. Video Forum
    What to do when the visibility is horrible? When the snow up top is bad? Get on your Ski-Doo, find some wind drifts and creeks and your weekend is saved! Don't always need big mountains to have loads of fun! Filmed last weekend (21st-23'rd of Febraury) at low elevation in Linsell, Sweden.
  14. Video Forum
    Here's a short edit from last weekends backcountry riding in mid-west Sweden. There were less snow than earlier trips this season but we had mostly amazing weather and found some decent riding spots.
  15. Video Forum
    Some clips from this weekend (end of February 2013) riding in the mid west of Sweden. The temperature had gone up but we made the most of it trying to find snow on the slopes amongst the trees.
  16. Video Forum
    Just a quick edit of some riding in Sweden last weekend, mostly fails but we had a lot of fun :)
1-18 of 18 Results