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  1. Sledding - General Discussion
    What do you all consider to be the most important, must do, must check, items to go over with or check or inspect, at the dealers, at time of delivery for a new sled? Sometimes they seem to do a pretty good, thorough run through with you and sometimes not. It seems, from reading a bunch of forum...
  2. Sledding - General Discussion
    Does anyone have the details of the financing offered during spring promotions? I don't think I'm getting what was offered. Thanks.
  3. Sledding - General Discussion
    Who else got their get ready for winter gift from brp?
  4. Sledding - General Discussion
    I placed my order this morning (16th) for a FreeRide 154, 2.5'', S-Lev calibration with the new Shot system. The accessories going on it are as follows : Full skid plate, Adventure bumper, transparent hand guards, glove box liner and removable snow flap. I'll be running a Jawz mountain exhaust...
  5. Sledding - General Discussion
    Ski-doo Marketing, What are the marketing folks thinking...NO 2016 GSX SE? What are high milers expected to ride? Dealer says Grand Touring even though I have no interest in taking a passenger. So am I the only person upset that ski-doo's new direction is focusing on off trail?
  6. Sledding - General Discussion
    I have decided to spring order a new sled. I have been riding my current sled (06 MXZ X with the 121" track) for 6 years and love it but am ready to move to an etec. Mostly ride the trails hard but to go off trail on occasion and my short track does get stuck more than average. I am trying to...
  7. 900 ACE 4-Stroke Models
    I seen a similar link for 800 Etecs so i thought I'd start the same topic for 900 ACE models. I ended up going with a dealer in Northern Minnesota for my black T'NT. Dealer is about 175 miles away. I paid$9540 before tax/registration. I took the $250 off instead of the additional 1 yr...
  8. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    So I ordered a 2015 XRS shorty with pull start, 4 year warranty, and ice ripper. Got the call from the dealer that it is in. One of the sales guys then explained to me that they have to add another 400 bucks to the bill because of the e-start. Explained to him what I have read on here and he...
  9. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Its idling at 1200rpm is this normal? Is it low conpression ypipe carb boots or do they just idle around that rpm this is my first 500ss so idk its a 2005
  10. Sledding - General Discussion
    Hey guys, As most know, Nelson's speed shop burned down earlier this summer, but are planning to re-build. If you spring check a sled from Nelson's I would contact their sales department just to ensure that they have your correct contact information, invoices, etc. I sent them an email last...
  11. Sleds For Sale
    I am selling my 2010 Skidoo Backcountry X package 800R, this sled has a boat load of extra. Instead of rewriting the whole add I will put up a picture and a link to where it has the full listing of everything I didn't mention in the add that it has a1 3/4 track that is in great shape too...
1-11 of 11 Results