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  1. Sledding - General Discussion
    Local weather guy here has this whole coming week pegged for snow storm after snow storm. Snowing "buckets" again today, with strong winds this afternoon and whiteout conditions. Since last Thursday, through last night, we've had more than 30 inches of the white stuff. I've got to believe that...
  2. Sledding - General Discussion
  3. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    I have an 07 mxzx 440 that I am switching the engine out for an 800. The engine is off of a 2003 mxz and I know that the engine is not the only part that is necessary to do the swap. I know the computer, and voltage regulator also are necessary components. I am just wondering if anything else is...
  4. MXZX Race Sleds
    So, last weekend I went on a snowmobile trip up north about 4 hours away from where I live. First day was great! Sled ran and started up fine. Second day got ready to head out again started up my sled for a few minutes filled it up with premium gas mixed with amzoil at 33:1. Same mix, fuel, and...
  5. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Packed up my sled weeks ago.We just got like 18 inches of snow in the past 2 days.So naturally I had to take er out. Snow is terrible. Too warm out (like 40f) Couldn't see a thing. But it was another ride We went out and came back no problems.
  6. Sledding - General Discussion
    OK, LET THE FUN BEGIN. WE HAVE SNOW IN MAINE :woohoo: :frosty: :ride:
  7. Alberta
    Not even December yet and we're already running out of room to put snow It's going to be a good season I think.
  8. Maine
    OK, here is the official winter forecast for our area. Hope they are right! :smile_old: :ride: :frosty:
  9. Maine
    Headed up sunday for a week .What can i expect ? :wink_old:
  10. REV-GEN 4 & 5- Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    Snow is coming :dance: today's cam pic
  11. Maine
    Well here we are balls deep in summer time with no one else thinking snow. It is time to start planning Year 2 This will serve as the official thread for the most fun that can be had on snow. Skis up boys! Feb13th - 17th Pending enough people, and yes you can do both. March6th -10th Anybody...
  12. General Discussion
    Hello everyone, i have a 2007 XRS 600 SDI and i managed to bend my main steering tube. unfortunately i am not able to order a new one or find one online or used anywhere so far. My question is from my understanding, the 07 XRS 600 SDI is basically the Rev 440x race chassis with a 600 trail...
  13. Sledding - General Discussion To sum it up for you, just a few miles south of Houghton, in Chassel, 13 inches have already fallen. Snow through Saturday will range from Twin Lakes to Calumet, 6 - 12 inches possible. Check...
  14. Ontario
    Lets get a new topic rolling! Bonfield Ontario - November 22nd 2015 9:30am - 6-8 inch of snow Just got the Ski-Doo Freeride out for the first little rip and heat cycle! Wow does this ever feel great, the engine purrs like a kitten, the clutching is so smooth, the backshift and power transfer...
  15. Sledding - General Discussion
  16. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Was wondering if anyone has ridden Western Michigan lately? Maybe an accurate snow report off trail? I'll be heading there this coming week after I finish my hitch in Nodak. Thanks!
  17. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Where is the snow Alaskans?Thomson Pass210.53%Pettersville15.26%Turnagain210.53%New York1157.89%Upper Huffma315.79%
  18. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    So the great state of Maine recently was hit by a storm that dumped over a foot of snow in places. Topsham (my town), which is next the coast. Received a whopping 4 inches of wet snow. That was more then enough to convince me to go out for a rip on my new sled. Any one else go out ridding yet...
  19. Vendor Deals
    KLIM Everest Vest - Black, Large (1 left) $ 70.00 KLIM Stealth Jacket - Balck, Large (1 Left) $ 370.00 Klim Vector Parka - Black, XL (1 Left) $ 255.00 KLIM Adrenaline GTX Boot - Size 9 (1 Pair Left) $155.00 KLIM Radium GTX Boot ( 1 pair left ) $185.00 KLIM Inversion Pro Glove - Black...
1-20 of 48 Results