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secondary spring
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  1. REV-GEN 4 & MACH (wide body) 4 stroke & Turbo
    Does anyone know if the secondary spring is one of the updates for 2020 sleds? Mine let go at 3000 klm.(around 1900 miles)
  2. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: 2011 Ski Doo XR 1200 TRA Primary Clutch Category: Sled Year: 2011 Location: Atlanta, IN Price: 225.00 I have a primary clutch from my 2011 ski Doo XR 1200. This is a stock TRA clutch. The clutch is complete and in good working order. It was removed with 1650 miles on the clutch. There are...
1-2 of 2 Results