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  1. Sleds For Sale
    2020 Skidoo Renegade XRS 900ace Turbo and ALL snowmobile accessories I have are being sold as a package deal. Yes you are reading that correctly I AM in Tennessee. I moved out of COMMUNIST NY last year for the freedom of Tennessee! And now sadly I am no longer able to snowmobile due to my new...
    $15,900 USD
  2. Introductions
    Hi, I am a long time other brand owner. Looking at Renegade Enduro. I am trying to get comparisons between 600 etec, 900 ace and 900 ace turbo… not the r. I ride a 20 600 adventure now and would like just a little more top end and get up and go. The group I ride with are all in our 6th decade of...
  3. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Hey guys. Need some second opinions on this. I'm battling with the idea of spending a pretty penny on installing an electric starter kit on my 13 Renegade Backcountry for the sole purpose of being able to run a heated visor for my helmet. A mechanic is telling me that guys have issues...
  4. Sleds For Sale
    Like new 2020 Ski Doo Renegade 850 XRS, limited build spring check model. The snowmobile is equipped with optional Quick Adjust Suspension, electric start/reverse, skid plate, lateral foot plates, handguard mirrors, glovebox extension and LINK trail bag. Includes Garmin Zumo GPS and current...
    $14,900 USD
  5. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Hey folks, First timer here. Wondering if someone knows if a 2020 summit 850 muffler would fit my 2017 renegade x 850. Smacked a pressure crack and ruined mine, found a cheap stock muffler from a friend but want to make sure it fits before committing. Thanks.
  6. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    My wife has a 2009 renegade 137 and I recently bought a skidoo tunnel ice scratcher kit (p/n 860201107). I was assured that it would fit on this skid as it says for REV-XS, XP, XR with rMotion suspension 120", 129" & 137". I am trying to install it and the instruction on BRP website only show...
  7. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Im interested in putting a new can on my 2022 renegade sport 600 EFI. I was looking around and I came across an MBRP race can on market place. The seller claims it is made for a 850 etec but will fit a 600 efi, can anyone verify this? I also have seen people saying things like this sled in...
  8. 900 ACE 4-Stroke Models
    Hey all. Anyone have a 1+1 passenger seat for a 2021 renegade xrs 900 ace turbo they are looking to get rid of or know anyone who has them in stock? Thank you.
  9. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Last year I bought a 2009 Ski-doo Renegade 600 etec. This is my first snowmobile I have owned, with this season being the first I have been really riding. I had done a bit of research prior to buying and kept hearing good things about the Renegades. I was looking for a decent trail sled but...
  10. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    So I have a 2004 Summit 800 HO 144 that’s not in the best shape. The motor itself is great, starts right up and runs the way it should. Only problem is that the rest of the sled is pretty bad, especially the track. Almost all the lugs are ripped and torn, and the thing gets stuck constantly in...
  11. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    I found a pair of 2018 summit skis local to me for cheap and was wondering what model ski they are as one has a slight crack in it so I can replace it I've heard its a Ds-3 ski but wasn't sure if anyone would be able to confirm that. and also how would they do for 50/50 trail and off trail...
  12. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    New 2022 renegade sport back fires often when put in reverse. I have put it in reverse at a few hundred RPM’s above idle and it has a larger back fire. But even at idle it lets out a decent bang. Should I be concerned?
  13. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Hello everyone, I have a 2011 skidoo renegade x 600 2 stroke and it has 7600 miles on it. I plan on trying to use it for the coming season but I'm scared of it blowing up with the high number of miles. I'm relatively new to doing maintenance on 2 strokes so I really don't know what it needs...
  14. Sleds For Sale
    2k miles, mint condition, under warranty, shot start, skid plate, heated shield plug, 1.6” ice cobra track. Asking $11,900 Located in upstate NY 732-887-5170
  15. REV-XR/XS Chassis: 4-TEC 1200 Perf. & Trail Models
    Gidday All! Doing my maintenance on my 2016 Renegade 1200. I am about to open up my chaincase to drain the chaincase oil and change my drive chain. I'm gonna investigate my chaincase bearings at the same time. Looking for some opinions about changing or regreasing in place. I have 17k kms...
  16. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    has anybody ever had an overheating issue with their rev-xp around the same year? if you have, what did you change?
  17. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Looking to upgrade the pipe on my 2014 600 etec. I see that SPI makes one(134-133). Just wondering if anyone else has done this upgrade or has any other info regarding it. Heres the link...
  18. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Folks, Not new to DooTalk here but a first time poster, I have what I think is a pretty interesting undertaking and would like the communities input! Long story short I am taking a 2004 Renegade-X 600 and racing it in a local Snocross series for 2022. I would like to make some modifications to...
  19. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Hi everyone, I have a 2019 Renegade Adrenaline 600R. I purchased the sled in 2019 brand new from a dealer and I just did my first chain case oil change. After 2 seasons and 740 miles the oil looked like this... This can't be normal. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!
  20. REV-GEN 4 & MACH (wide body) 4 stroke & Turbo
    Anybody got pictures of a 2022 xrs renegade 900T in yellow? I am wondering if I go all black or with the yellow one...
1-20 of 277 Results