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  1. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I need new gauges for my 08 summit, I would like to upgrade to the premium set. What needs to be done to make it work? Do I need an extra module to use the features? I am buying a used one, would that sled have this module or is it built into the wiring from factory? Thanks for any info. Cory
  2. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    I have a 2008 skidoo mxz 800 adreniline with the low end small gauges on it and i was wondering is it possible for me to get premium gauges for it? is it easy to do? and is it expensive? Thanks
  3. Sleds For Sale
    Item: Ski Doo XRS800 Category: Sled Year: 2011 Location: Northfield, NH Price: 8,500 obo Item: 2011 MXZ XRS 800- with BEST Warranty Category: Sled Year: 2011 Location: Northfield, NH Price: $8500 or best offer 2011 MXZ XRS 800 ETEC Miles: 2350 Electric start Removed BEST warranty until...
  4. Sledding - General Discussion
    I'm looking at getting a premium gauge cluster. The part number for the regular one is the same as the prem. one. Can someone help me?
1-4 of 4 Results