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  1. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    Rear suspension stays compressed on my 2007 600sdi. Is OEM worth rebuilding or should I upgrade? I’ve heard 440 suspension setups would fit, can y’all confirm this. Thanks ❄️🇨🇦
  2. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Is there any good mods for a Summit (ZX chassis) that isnt too much expensive ? like a exhaust, seat, etc (i know there are other threads talking about that, but they are from 15 years ago so maybe somethings were removed or added during the 15 years time span)
  3. MXZX Race Sleds
    Hello, I’m looking for info on how to bump the timing on my 2008 ski doo 600rs looking to get a bit more hp out of it.
  4. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I know theres been similar subjects in the past but parts are harder to find today. Just got a Legend 700 GS 2002 and I want to do a couple mods to lighten the front and make the ride a bit more comfortable. Here is what I'm thinking... I'm looking for advice, where to find parts (if you have...
  5. Skandic / Expedition
    Has anyone modded their BRP/Ski-Doo Cargo Box (860200395)? I am thinking some tie-down points, bracket for ice fishing gear, or something along those lines but there are a lot of angles to the sides and the plastic doesn't seem that thick...
  6. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I'm putting together my off-season project and it's shaping up nicely. I did a bunch of reading on past articles and other related stuff. I couldn't find any relevant YouTube videos on this topic besides primarily the PowerModz project (wish I had that kind of budget and experience). I want...
  7. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I purchased a used 2002 Grand Touring 600 that's ready to rock n roll . . . just waiting for snow. Turns out the previous owner swapped out the original Flex skis for Precision dual carbide skis. A bit of research has me concerned that these are not the best fit for a GT (darting, heavy...
  8. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    ^most recent^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- started this thread for my projects on the skidoo. it will start slow...
  9. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Thoughts??? Here is my 98 formula 583 with a 800 triple and upgraded skid
  10. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Thoughts??? Here is my 98 formula 583 with a 800 triple and upgraded skid
  11. Freestyle / Legend / Tundra / Expedition Sport
    As far as I know, the Skidoo passenger heated-grip assembly for the 1+1 Linq seat system is the only available passenger heated grip assembly you can buy from Skidoo for a sled without passenger heated grips (unless you can buy the parts from the other Expedition editions or the Grand Touring...
  12. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I got a mint 04 rev 800 ho Blair Morgan edition last year with next to no miles on it but I'd like to put a track extension kit on it. I'm really torn on which way to go, I'm no pro rider but know my way around riding. I'm just getting into boon docking and I'd like to make my REV better set up...
  13. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I have been looking at modding my highmark x for a while and I am looking for useful but still cheap mods I want to keep it mostly stock looking but I am open to anything my budget is 200$ or less
  14. Mountain Riding
    I'm looking at trying some mods on my 04 summit highmark x. I don't want to go too crazy because I still like the stock look of the x but I want something that is unique
  15. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Hi! Hello! I have a 2010 renegade 600 e-tec. its a 137" track with 1.73" lugs (44mm) i have changed the stock primary clutch spring to a stronger one. (pulls on 4500rpms) I have loosen the rear springs, loosen the limiter strap, stiffen the central shock, flipped the coupling stops and...
  16. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    I have recently purchased a ripsaw 1, 1.5in track for my 120 600 etec I want to gear my sled down to 24/45. My clutch also has to be rebuilt, i was wondering if any one has suggestions for primary clutch springs, as of right now both primary and secondary springs are stock im thinking of just...
  17. 600 ACE 4-Stroke Models
    Hey I was wondering what you guys would recommend to make my sled look cooler or run better its a 600 ace renegade sport 2011 and its completely stock except for studs and ice scrapers
  18. REV-XR/XS Chassis: 4-TEC 1200 Perf. & Trail Models
    hi i have put all the mods on header pb80 o/d muffler mod helix throtel body bored out reflaish wha t should i expect for top end 1/38 cobra 10 pucks in pb 80 thanks Swifty 1
  19. Vintage Classifieds
    So i have a 1960s snojet 300cc single hirth engine its a great little sled but the hood had some damage on the right side and i decided to make some adgustments. This is just a topic where id like to ask some questions and post pictures of the build.
  20. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Hey everyone, I'm fixing up my 2000 Grand Touring SE 800 and was wondering if I can put a new 1.25" track in the sled and what size studs I should use with it? I also need to know what parts I need to swap out to "transform" this sled into a 2000 Mach Z? I already have the complete exhaust and...
1-20 of 38 Results