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mod sled
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  1. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I acquired a 1998 Formula 500f and I want to make it a long track. I bought a skid on ebay it was off of a 2001 summit 144 and I have been searching online for the Center-to-Center measurement for that particular skid. I found one on here for a 2002 (31") but i believe that Doo changed the...
  2. Vintage Ski Doo's
    Hello everyone, new to the forum. Just wondering what it would take to put a modern track on a old sled with bogie suspension. I have a 71 olympique and the track is about as usefull as flip flops on a ice rink, and want to put a track on it with like 1 inch lugs or somewhere around that. The...
  3. MXZX Race Sleds
    Hi I'm thinking about doing this project and just wondering is it gonna be a complete pain in the rear and cost a lot of money or is it gonna be dooable? if so what would I need for parts and how would I go about it? Also a general price point if I got the sled for around 2500. Rev xp chassis...
  4. Race Sled Classifieds
    Looking for a nice 600ho motor for my 06 440/600 mod sled!!! Must be in nice shape!! I'm located in northern michigan! Lemme know what you have thank you very much!!! Feel free to text me at 231-883-4533 as well. Thanks and have a good day!!
  5. Race Sled Classifieds
    I am selling my 2007 Ski Doo MXZx 440 Race Sled. This sled has 410 miles on it! It runs excellent and is really fast. The sled idles perfectly and starts up without a problem every time. It has Fly Carbon Race Bend Bars on it, ODI Grips, and C&A XT Pro Skis. As well as Race Pak Electronics and...
1-5 of 5 Results