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  1. Minnesota
    Maybe been posted before, but for those that dont have it yet, a nice free app: RiderX It works offline (in airplane mode) and puts your position right on the trails, shows roads, towns, lakes, ect. Download the app, download the apps generic MN background. Other states and canada maps also...
  2. Minnesota
    I live in Central Minnesota and I was wondering if you buy a sled from a private party do you have to still pay sales tax when you register it in your name? or is it only when buying from a dealer?
  3. Minnesota
    Good Afternoon fellow members, I have an 05 Renegade SDI and want to swap out the current 2" paddle track for a 1.35 or 1.25 with studs. Wondering if there is any really good wrenches in the South Metro area who would like to do this as a cash job for me. Please message me your experience...
  4. Minnesota
    My trusty mechanic has hung up his wrenches and moved into the parts business. Is anyone familiar with other snowmobile mechanics in northern Minnesota, preferably in the Duluth area? I do not trust the dealers to give me a fair price on service and am interested in other options. Thanks in...
  5. General Discussion
    Comeing to quadna mtn in hill city minnesota july 20-23. . just thought id add some news for some who like to ride their wheelers in the summertime .
  6. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Anyone going to dubois March 2 or 3 depart on 8 th? Looking for 1 to 3-4 people to rideshare. My vehicle or yours.
1-6 of 6 Results