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  1. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    Has anyone put a GX160 or similar engine with electric start in one of these sleds? I feel like this would be a good a idea, but I can also see this as a way for my kids to burn out starters and flood the engine. Either way, I wouldn't mind trying it on at least 1 of my kids Mini's.
  2. Sleds For Sale
    Near new 2001 Arctic Cat Z-120. Only flaw is slight tear at right rear of seat where it wraps around base; visible in photo. Very little use as it was located hours away at second home. Oil was just changed. Some lucky young one will have an awesome XMas gift! $1,400 call/text 708-295-0924
  3. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    Drove by this one today (at an auto dealership).
  4. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    Hi guys, I need a new sprocket 45t, choke cable and air box, any suggestions on where I might find these cheaper than BRP? Used would be fine also. thanks
  5. Video Forum
    This film were made in Sweden. Alex 5yo drives his mini snowmobile. Lynx is, as you might know the second Scandinavian brand in the BRM family.
  6. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    My daughter will be three next year. She loves riding with me around the yard and even more so on the trail. At what age are kids typically able to handle a 120? Three seems a little young, but I gotta do something, she's always reaching for the throttle! Thanks!
  7. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    I have an old mini z that was given to me for my 3yr old son. It has a horrible noise when the clutch is engaged. I installed a rec motor chain tensioner to take care of the loose chain. Is the clutch done or could it be a bearing?
  8. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    The chain is stretched and the rear gear is worn on the kids '98 mini. I'm not looking for more speed for them and would like to fix it on the cheap. Where can I source the cheapest parts? I'm assuming I can just get a #40 chain and masterlink from tractor supply or something, but where can I...
  9. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a mini Z clutch? BRP is not even giving me a date of when I can get it?- backordered since June... :angry_old:
  10. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    I make custom seat covers for local customers at my shop in Brentwood, NH. I recently did this 98 Mini Z seat cover in black and yellow vinyl. My customer informed me it's hard to find seat covers in custom colors on the internet and should offer my services. Well, I thought it would be wise...
  11. MiniZSide

    I recreate snowmobile seat covers in whatever color scheme you want. I recently did this Mini Z seat cover for a customer of mine. He told me it was impossible to find a replacement skin on the net. Well, I can help you guys out if you need one. Email me at [email protected] with any questions o
  12. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: Mini Z windshield Category: Sled Year: 1998-2000 Location: Illinois Price: 100.00 plus shipping I have a brand new windshield for a Mini Z. I think these have been discontinued and are getting very hard to find. I bought this to have "just in case", but ended up selling the sled. Asking...
  13. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    Brought the boys mini's in to get ready for the season. Pulled both carbs and did a cleaning. The 99 model still wouldn't accelerate (going wide open would stall it) so I pulled and cleaned the carb again. After that it was running great. The only mod to this sled is a recmotors governor spring...
  14. Sleds For Sale
    Item: Looking for Rev Style Mini Z Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: Willing to drive Price: 0-1500 I am looking for a Rev style Mini Z. I am willing to drive to get the right one for the right price. I am just outside of Detroit.
  15. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    I have listed my kids 2006 Arctic Cat F120 and Arctic Cat 50cc ATV up on ebay with no reserve. The F120 is in great shape and comes with the speed kit from mid-west mini, some foot board grips were installed, the C&A skis with the good carbides, and an Arctic Cat cover. The F120 comes with about...
  16. Sleds For Sale
    1998 Ski-Doo Mini Z for sale. This is a very clean, used kid's sled. 120cc Honda engine, performance clutch and gears, governor bypass kit. This is a fast sled. You do have the option to adjust the throttle stop to regulate the speed for beginners. Seat is in good shape with no rips or...
  17. Mini Z/ Mini REV
    I'm in the market for a 2005 or newer Ski Doo Mini Z, prefer and like the Rev Chasis. Anyone know of one for sale? I'm willing to travel within reason if the sled is worth it. Thanks
1-17 of 17 Results