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  1. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Just thought I would share how I install my secondary without issue. Clean the outer race of the bearing and the bore which it sits in. Use a little grease or anti-seize in the bore. Insert the jack shaft. Pinch the bearing and housing with your thumb and fingers. Squeeze and at the same time...
  2. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Just finished studding my 2019 MXZ X with sled on it's side via SideKick snowmobile stand. Had the sled tilted on it's right side. (Worked great! Wrapped rear stand in rubber tape to minimize metal to metal scraping on rear bumper) Gas began slowly dripping after about an hour on its side...
  3. Sledding - General Discussion
    I am looking to see if someone can post a picture of the orientation of their QS3 and QS3-R shock in an R-Motion skid. I have mine installed and want to make sure I installed properly prior to throwing my skid back in.
  4. Freestyle / Legend / Tundra / Expedition Sport
    I want to install a 12v power outlet on my 2016 Tundra but have no idea where it is suppose to go. Ski-doo sells the kits and it states that it installs inside the compartment. I do not know of any compartment on the Tundra? The kits come with a wire harness so I assume there is already a plug I...
  5. REV-GEN 4 & 5- Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    To install these, does one need to take out the shocks or a arms to gain access for the rivet gun?
  6. REV-GEN 4 & 5 MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    go to .enter part # 860201280 ..this is for those getting a rip saw track .hope this helps ? :wink_old:
  7. Sledding - General Discussion
    Hi, I have a 1988 formula mx and I've been looking online but i cant seem to find a reverse kit. The sled doesn't have reverse now but i would like to put it on. Any suggestions?
  8. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    I'm just trying to install my ambient air temp and engine temp module into my brand new 2016 ski doo renegade X and I know that through the years the location has changed( as well as whether the temp will be displayed in bars or numerical numbers). Just wondering if anyone has done an install...
  9. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    Hey guys. So I have a project that I want to do. I want to install this or something like it on the top of the console tucked under my shorty windshield. It take 5-10v dc power. What wire for power would be appropriate to tap into? One on the gauge?
  10. Sledding - General Discussion
    I'm going to be installing a wrap on my 2005 GSX over the course of the next few days. Any advice on how to achieve the most professional and longest lasting results would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Much!
  11. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Biggest time saving tips I have for you 1. Save all your old parts until done. As you take apart the old suspension put the bolts back in the linkages as they come out. You will need to reuse some old bolts and shafts and this will make it easy to find them. 2. Don't torque things down as...
  12. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    So i got my powder valves installed my the XM, just thought i would post where i mounted them in case anyone is wanting to put these on their sled. The directions and pictures for installing that come from SLP are not for the XM.
  13. REV-XR/XS Chassis: 4-TEC 1200 Perf. & Trail Models
    I'd like to know who has installed all 3 on their XR. The lower A arm brace, suspension module, and the oil lite A arm bushings. Seems to me like it's best to do all 3 at the same time, so how long will this job take? And is it really worth doing? I know in time the factory A arm bushings will...
  14. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    guys just a FYI on this, i put a HPS can on my new XM last night and in the install directions they give you, they say to remove the spring mount that is riveted to the toe stop and put it on the second bolt down on the chaincase from the top. this is not true as its actually the second bolt...
  15. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Anybody put these on before? It looks like a couple rivets hold them on. Any good pics would help. Do u have to take your gas tank off? Thanks
  16. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Perf. Trail 120-129 Inch Models
    With XP years up to 2012, you need to purchase the decal kit in order to ensure everything lines up. Part # 860200767. It costs under $10 and includes templates to drill and a heavy duty sticker that is basically a spacer between your new linq bag or gas can. I didnt think I needed it, but...
  17. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I'm looking at the SLP Powder Valves or the SLP Hi Flow Intake kit for my 08 800 and liked the price and idea of the Powder Valves and was wondering if any of you guys had used them and how well they worked. Thanks
1-17 of 17 Results