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high elevation
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  1. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Hi, i have a 2006 skidoo summit 800ho 151", 2" paddles and i am heading out west this year with it. I was looking for some clutching advise as far as a good setup for high elevation (6000'+). Currently its stock clutching, but i do have a team tss-98 secondary with a 44str helix i believe laying...
  2. REV-XP/XS Chassis: Renegades/Freeride/Backcountry
    Hey All, Looking to your expertise on a two part question. I have a 2014 backcountry with the 800. I live in MN at an elevation of roughly 1000 ft, and most of my riding is in the 1000-2000 ft range. I bought my sled used, and currently the clickers on the clutch are set to 1, (I have never...
  3. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    For sale is a factory mod head (16.6 CR) with removable domes from a 2006 600 Mod. Always ran 110+ Octane with it. Could be used at sea level with 110+ octane, or 8000ft and up elevation on 91/93 Great head for the mountains or mod build. Looks just like a stock head from the outside. This will...
1-3 of 3 Results