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  1. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to dootalk, and new to snowmobiles. I've been around almost every other power sport for the past 20 years but this is my first time on the snow. I just picked up a 2004 Renegade 600 SDI x package. The previous owner said that the gauges (speedo and tach) just...
  2. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    I have an 06 mxz renegade. the heated grips wont turn on, the thumb works fine. i was hoping that someone could help me trouble shoot this because i dont really feel like shelling out 100 bucks. i have read around and if they were blown they would have a hole in them, but they dont and...
  3. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Hey guys, I just installed new Fly risers and bars and when i went to put the stock grips on the new bars they are to big (to loose). I was wondering if there is a way to fix this (if so, how?) or if I would be better off to just buy a new set of grips and heaters. I know there are lots of posts...
  4. Race Sled Classifieds
    Looking to buy an RS handle bar, preferably with warmers and grips. Must not be bent or damaged. Need asap. Call me at 815-703-2870. Also looking for 49T bottom gear. Thanks.
  5. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I need to replace my heated grips for the rear passenger on my 2000 Grandtouring 600. The grips run across a couple of bars that are all attached to the rear cargo rack on the back of the sled. Problem is that cargo rack is all welded and rivited together, and does not come apart. It seems...
1-5 of 5 Results