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  1. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    Hey everyone New to the forum but wanted to jump in and see if anyone has any info on this. I ordered a Summit Edge 165 last spring and it finally arrived but apparently that sled and every other 2022 in my area that's in a crate right now is waiting on it's gauge cluster. The dealer (in...
  2. Trailer Talk
    Coming back to BRP, with 2022 REN X (137) and buddies Mach Z. I have a 2003 Triton Elite with the 10ft clam shell on it. I'm seeing different posts about if the sleds will fit, with the question being the front area. The Mach Z is already lower and I think a Medium windshield, my REN X is a...
  3. GPS Talk
    Is anyone running the new Zumo XT GPS? Also, what are the best GPS setups out there for a GEN 4 Enduro?? Lets see the set-ups
  4. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and just purchased a 2018 summit 850. I decided to put the factory venting kit fix on before I take it out for its maiden voyage. I realized once I started the install, that the smaller duct piece didn't look like it did in the instructions. it says to stick the...
  5. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    I'm looking for some help from you guys to see weather anyone here has or know of anyone that has return a new skidoo for their money back? I purchased a new 2019 summit 850 2 weeks ago and already it's been back for 2 recalls (that I told the dealer about but they still gave it to me and called...
  6. REV-GEN 4: MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Does anyone have any information on the engine mount updates that were put out for the 2017/18 model gen4's due to the belt failures. My dealer didn't notify me or anything regarding updates to my 2017 renegade so I assume everything is fine?? I haven't had a belt failure yet but i've only put...
  7. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Everything SOLD!
  8. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    I'm 6'5" and just wondering how big of riser I will need on a gen 4 summit, and also if the stock cable will be long enough, Thanks!
  9. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: Black Renegade seat trade Category: Sled Year: 2017 - 2018 Location: Westmoreland, NY Price: 1 Want to trade my new Gen4 850 Black Renegade seat for a Black & Manta Green seat.
  10. REV-GEN 4: MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    Has anyone seen the new 31L Seat/Combo bag for the Gen4 platform? My soft, over the seat combo bag on mt XS sleds was the best saddlebag bag I ever had. Next year I'm upgrading to the MXZ X 850 and would be very interested in getting more information about this bag. No accessories were...
  11. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    Just curious to see if anyone is running Zbroz' kit ( w/ EXIT shocks?
  12. REV-GEN 4 - Summit/Freeride/ 850 Turbo
    We have the Grip N Rip Gen 4 brace kits in stock and ready to ship! Order now!
  13. REV-GEN 4: MXZ Perf. Trail 129/ Renegade 137
    I just came back from my local Ski-Doo show. The new 850 e-etc is a nice looking sled. The seat is noticeably narrower and it puts the rider in a more aggressive forward riding position. That's the good. The not so good is they have moved the battery to behind the seat so we lose the little bit...
1-15 of 15 Results