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  1. Elite
    I have a 2004 Elite that won’t start in the morning unless you plug in . It only needs to be plugged in for 1/2 hr but as it gets colder it takes a little longer . If you don’t plug it in it either back fires and start after some cracking over or I just give up and plug in . Once it starts it...
  2. Elite
    Since these things get hot and heat rises I decided to install some frogzskin vents right above the muffler. I used clear packing tape to cover the fiberglass so I could use a sharpie to trace included template. I used a cutter bit on a milwaukee m12 rotary tool. We took her out for a ride and...
  3. Wanted To Buy
    I need a VCM module,(vehicle control module) for a '04 Elite. This is like finding a needle in a haystack I Know. If anyone knows where I may find one please contact me ASAP. Broke down.....
  4. Elite
    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a vehicle control module (VCM) for my 2004 Elite? My other question is has anyone found a way to replace this module and or the other ones in the system with some electronics from other skidoo models. There must be a solution other than parting out an...
  5. Trailers & Trailer Parts For Sale
    Item: 2009 TRITON ELITE ENCLOSED 2 PLACE Category: Sled Year: 2009 Location: Richmond, IL 60071 Price: 3000.00 2009 Triton ELITE VR12-101 with Triton 2KF 4X4 Coverall for sale. This is an all aluminum Triton Elite trailer, 12' long plus the v front, 101" wide, drive on / drive off with ramp...
  6. Elite
    I need a new temperature sending unit for my newly acquired 2004 Elite, P/n 515175974. This one is no longer available. I did find a sender on ebay, p/n 515175748 that has the four wires coming out but it uses only one terminal plug where as mine has two. One set goes to the fan and the other...
  7. Clothing For Sale
    Item: Klim Elite Men's Glove Size L Category: Sled Year: 2015 Location: Hagerstown, MD Price: 165.00 Used on two rides. They are just a tad too small for me. These are $239 at dealers.Email me direct at [email protected] Shipping $8.00 The Elite Glove represents the highest class of...
  8. Elite
    Any new windshield options for 78 - 82 elites?
  9. Elite
    Hello Guys, im in the process of changing the 4 front cog drive sprockets, i have removed all the boggy carages, front shaft 3X bearing housing bolts but cant figuar out whats my next step to remove the shaft??? this things a heavy pig so moving it to take a look is a chalange!
  10. Elite
    Just picked up this 1980 Elite yesterday, not sure which direction I will take it for a restoration. It already runs pretty good, may just enjoy it this winter! Any ideas from the the "Elite" pro's out there??
  11. Sleds For Sale
    Item: Package Deal Category: Sled Year: 2004 Location: Western New york Price: 9000 2004 GSX Sport 600HO carb 5800 Mi 2006 MXZ Trail 500SS 2800 Mi 2008 Blizzard 2 Place Open less than 1000 miles Both sleds have e-start, RER, GSX has full gauges, both well maintained, come with covers. Trailer...
1-11 of 11 Results