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  1. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I live in New England and I already ordered a 2015 Freeride 154. My buddy also ordered a New Freeride 154 from a different dealer and both dealers are saying something different about the Low/High Calibration that should or shouldn't be done to the sled. What is best for us Flatlanders? What are...
  2. Mountain Riding
    Looking for some people interested in making new friends to ride with. I'm located in northern New Hampshire, but would be willing to travel to Maine and Vermont to find the deep! Any takers?
  3. Sledding - General Discussion
    I want to know the best back country riding around here or the thing closest to it... I live near the tug hill plateau if that helps. Garrett
1-3 of 3 Results