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  1. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    I have a 1998 Grand Touring 500 liquid cooled and would appreciate knowing what track lug size will fit in the tunnel, trying to replace the track now, was told a 1-1/2" lug track would swap in no problem. Have searched for info and found different stories on different similar machines - some...
  2. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    I have an 04 mxz adrenaline 600 sdi. I am going to extend it to a 16x144x2" track and was wondering should I re-gear? I do a mix of trail and powder, probably 50/50 some days I'll go out ripping in fields and such all day in powder. Other days I will go for a 300-400 km trip with the buds, which...
  3. Vintage Ski Doo's
    I did a quick search of track swaps for a 139" Tundra, didn't see much that would pertain to that topic. Just lost the track on one, and would like to put something totally different, and more readily accessible on it. 600 for a track is way too much money to put into an old sled. Has anyone...
  4. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: High Performance Drivers - Stm Powerspor Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: New Brunswick, CAN Price: 280 Looking to see if there would be any interest in 10 tooth driver conversion for 2.52 track pitch. I had purchased them to gain some efficiency and switch to a pre-studded 1" lug...
  5. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Hi I use my 174 more like a back country tourer then deep snow hillclimber I do some days 150-200km i various conditions deep snow trails etc, I still wanted a 174 for the superior flotation even do 2up long trips in the deep. So I have done minor modifications, track lugs down to 2.3" 21/45...
  6. Race Sled Classifieds
    Hey guys! Bought a 07 renegade and the idiot i bought it from put a 2.86 pitch track with 2.52 drivers. Anyways im looking for the 8 tooth 2.86 drivers off the 06-07 440. Let me know! thanks!
  7. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: 10 tooth extroverts Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: PA Price: $60 Complete drive shaft with with 10 tooth extrovert drivers. Fair condition. Buyer pays shipping.
  8. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I brought a newbie snowmobiling and didn't explain the parking brake...unfortunately I am now having to replace the rotor and brake caliper. I bought the special tool needed to pull the caliper off the bearing. My question is, " do you have to release the chain case side to pull the caliper...
  9. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: Misc. parts - make offers! Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: Concord, NH Price: Offers SOLD (1) New RSI pivot post adapter Part # 0603-0205 SOLD (1) New RSI extended throttle cable Part # 0650-0831 (1) Used REV drivers 2.52 pitch from 500ss Part # 504-152-199 SOLD (2) New SPI hood...
  10. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Halfway through my first ride this winter my tach screen said "pause" on my 2004 mxz600 trail. I know that can mean that the button is stuck down. After messing with it I couldnt get it so I continued to ride. Little while later the screen started showing -59- or -60-. Cant find what this means...
  11. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Hey guys. I was looking at getting some anti ratchet drivers for my 05 Adrenaline. Ive noticed some guys are talking about changing the the sprocket size. what are the benefits of going one way or another. Why are these guys changing sprocket tooth count in the first place? Just curious here I...
  12. Wanted To Buy
    Item: WTB 9 Tooth Extrovert Drivers 2.52 pitch Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: N/A Price: Looking to buy 9t extrovert drivers for a 2007 renegade. 2.52 pitch.
  13. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    I'm putting a 163 x 2.25"(2.86 pitch) track on my 04 rev summit. I have 162 rails from the Summit Rev 1000's that will bolt right in to my existing suspension. I am researching drivers now. Currently, I have 9 tooth 2.52 extroverts and want to install 8 tooth 2.86s for the new track. Are...
  14. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Brand new STM bolt on 2.52 drivers for skidoo xp drive shaft. Drive sprockets are 9 tooth. Asking $150 shipped to the lower 48 states. Please email [email protected] or PM. Thanks
  15. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Clearing out the shed, I have a set of antiratchet 10 tooth drivers on an 07 renegade drive shaft. the pitch is 2.52. These will work on 04-07 rev chasis sleds. no broken teeth or nubs. asking 125$ or best offer. pm me or email me [email protected] I can get you pics if interested, will...
  16. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Hey guys I have a few left over parts for sale....Prices are WITHOUT shipping. Located in SW Wyoming (Evanston area) $75 Stock 06 Rev button secondary clutch, complete with stock helix and aftermarket spring---I will have to verify the spring but it has very little use---maybe 4-5 rides...
  17. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    I am sellling set of intro/extro 10 tooth drivers from my 07 renegade, they have about two thousand miles on em, look great no broken teeth. they are 2.52 pitch. asking 120 plus shipping. pm me or email me at [email protected]
  18. Wanted To Buy
    STILL looking for a used set of 7 tooth drivers for a rev shaft... 1 1/4 hex shaft size . Please let me know if you have any!!!! 307-677-5230 My name is Kevin. Also could email [email protected]
1-18 of 18 Results